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Wooden Choppng Boards

Wooden Chopping Boards

Here are some of our luxury wooden chopping boards and serving boards that we currently have in stock.
Each chopping board is unique, some are more rustic than others which is why we take pictures of each one that we sell.
These are silky smooth to the touch and sanded to 180 grit, then treated with food-safe oil and finished with a natural homemade bee's wax board butter.

These wooden chopping boards would be perfect in your Kitchen to use as chopping boards or stunning cheese boards, breadboards, gin boards, sushi trays, steak boards or even table centrepiece.
These are made from 100% solid hardwood and will need to be maintained periodically by adding mineral oil. Some cracking or slight movement may occur over time this will just add to the rustic nature of each board. These boards are for hand wash only and are Not dishwasher proof.


Please see our FAQ page for more information on how to care for and clean these boards.

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