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You can buy direct from our online listings or, if you want something else then email us and we will send you a price and then list your timber on here for you to check and then buy.

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Waney Edge Slabs

View some of our stock of kiln dried and air dried waney edge slabs.

Waney edge oak dining table.jpg
Waney edge oak slab.jpg

Waney Edge Dining Tables

We make bespoke one-off waney edge tables designed to give your home that rustic look.

Live edge solid oak dining table .HEIC
oak slab live edge dinning table .jpg
waney edge Rustic oak shelves and live edge bar top.jpg

Rustic Oak Shelves

Waney edge Oak shelves made from kiln dried oak to the size you require.

rustic oak shelves.jpg
Selection of timber wood turnng blanks.jpg

Wood Turning Blanks

We have a stock of high quality wood turning bowl blanks and spindles.

Oak bowl.HEIC

Waney Edge Worktops

Waney edge worktops, vanity units and bartops made to order.

Waney edge oak bar top.jpg
waney edge oak slab, oak worktop. vanity unit oak slab top.jpg

Waney Edge Window Sills

Waney edge Oak window sills made from kiln dried oak to the size you require.

waney edge window sill .HEIC
Oak window board waney edge.HEIC
live edge coffee table.jpg

Waney Edge Coffee Tables

Rustic coffee tables made to order and the exsact size you need.

waney edge rustic coffee table.jpg
Wooden chopping boards.HEIC

Chopping Boards.

Treat yourself to one of our luxurious wooden chopping board, finished with natural beeswax.

sapele and maple basket weave chopping board

Bird Tables And Houses

Stunning Bird tables and bird houses made to order.

oak framed barn bird table . jpg
Oak frame bird table .jpg