Oak slabs for sale

We have a healthy stock of waney edge oak slabs and a few other species in stock.


Most of these waney edge slabs are all either very well air-dried or kiln-dried. 

We stock a large number of oak slabs that are kiln dried and ready to use straight away.

Our oak slabs vary from 300 mm to 800 mm and up to 4m long. Our most common size of oak slabs are generally around 500 mm to 600 mm wide. 

These are perfect for making waney edge oak slab desks or our waney edge oak slab tables. 

We also do a smaller waney edge oak slab coffee table. 

If you are on a budget but need a large table then take a look at our

square-edged chunky oak slab rustic tables. These tables can make quite a statement without breaking the bank.

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Tickham Lane, Lynsted

Sittingbourne. Kent

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