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  • Basket Weave Wooden Chopping Boards


    Known as a Basket Weave, this complex design has three separate gluing up stages and each board takes around 6 to 8 hours to make.


    Handmade from Sapele and Maple, sanded to 180 grit, treated with food safe mineral oil and then finished off with a natural homemade bee's wax.  The boards are 270 mm long x 235 mm wide and 34 mm thick (measurements may vary slightly).  


    Our Basket Weave wooden chopping boards would be perfect in your Kitchen or as a stunning cheese board.  They are part of a luxury wooden chopping board range we are working on at the moment.

    Basket Weave Hardwood End Grain Wooden Chopping Board

    SKU: BW270/235
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    • These are easy to clean just use a damp cloth wipe clean and then dry with a towel.

      Do not put these in a dish washer or leave to soak in a bowl of water as it will make them cup.