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Planed Timber "PAR"

Waney Edge Timbers is going straight!

As well as our waney edge timbers, we now also hold a stock of square-edged sawn timbers that's all kiln-dried ready to be cut to length and planed.

Our current stock includes Red Oak, Ash, Beech, American Tulipwood, Iroko, IPE and Sapele.
These are all perfect for any DIY project requiring a piece of planed finished timber or in other words, PAR.

What does"PAR" mean?

Planed all round or PAR is a piece of timber that has been planed on all 4 sides along its entire length, that's both faces and both edges.

Or if you prefer we can plane both faces and leave the edges sawn or create a soft waney edge.

These planed timbers can be cut to size and then delivered to your door. Buying planned timber will not only save you time but will also be much nicer to work with over sawn timbers.

stack of sawn kiln dried timbers ready to become planed timbers PAR pic 1.jpg

Our Timber Rack

waney edge timbers timber rack, full of timbers ready to become planed timbers PAR  .jpg

You will soon be able to order online, planed timbers from our timber rack.  These will be cut to size, planed and delivered to your door.

This service is ideal for all woodworkers who don't have the time or machinery to prepare and finish planed timbers themselves.

We will also be supplying mixed craft packs of materials for small DIY projects, as well as selling some short planed offcuts.

We will soon add these listings to this Page, in the meantime why not sign up for our PAR Newsletter, we will then let you know when we add new listings and offers via an email.

Or if you're in a rush, then why not send us an email?

Just tell us what you need and a delivery postcode and we can then send you a quote.

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