Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to get my Waney Edge Timber delivered to me?

If we have the Waney Edge Timber that you need in stock, then you should receive your Timber within 5 to 6 working days from placing your order. If we have to source your Waney Edge Timber or it is specially cut or shaped, then this will take longer. We will advise you on how long this will take before you have to pay for any timber.

I would like to make a Waney Edge table top or bar top, if i buy a slab from you can you shape and flatten it off for me and then post it to my door?

Yes! If you choose the slab that you like and tell me the dimensions you require, i will then flatten and shape the table top, wrap it up and post it to you. All you need to do is add the legs and some oil or wax.

How flat are your large Waney Edge sawn Slabs

All of our large sawn slabs vary, most are straight some are great and a few are slightly cupped or twisted, we will normally sort out all the cupped or twisted slabs and these will be cut up for other timber sales. No big sawn slab is naturaly plumb flat, these are unfinished sawn slabs that require finishing off. Remember you will always need to buy a thicker and wider slab than what you will want to end up with.

What is a sawn slab or a sawn piece of timber?

The term 'sawn' refers to the saw marks that will be on the slab or timber and are from where they were cut with a bandsaw from the log. Sawn slabs are rarely plumb flat and are usually a little uneven and are sold as unfinished slabs or timbers. These are easy to finish off using the right tools and correct amount of elbow grease.

Can you make some bespoke furniture for me using your Waney Edge Timbers?

Yes! We can make Bespoke furniture and still post this direct to your door. Bespoke items my take a few weeks depending on how busy we are.

What is the moisture content of your timbers?

Moisture content or Mc. is very important to know, the lowest and most stable for inside joinery will be our kiln dried or KD. Then for inside or outside joinery where a little movement or shrinkage is ok, there is our well Air dried timber WAD (WAD is airdried for longer), then we also have air dried timber Ad. Then for outside joinery we have fresh cut seasoned timbers. The wettest will be green timber. these are cut from a freshly felled tree. an average the Mc. of these timbers are as follows: KD; 7/12% WAD: 12/16% AD: 16/22% AD from fresh cut seasoned logs:18/35% GREEN up to 100%

Can you supply me with locally cut sustainable timbers for my project

Yes! We can supply you with locally cut sustainable timbers, cut and milled within 80 miles of where we are based. We can supply English Oak, Ash, Sweet Chestnut, Wild Cherry, Beech, Yew, Elm, Western Red Cedar, Redwoods, Maple and Walnut.


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