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  • These are our most popular selling, prime grade oak spindles. These are a mixture of rift sawn and quarter sawn air-dried oak and have a moisture content of around 13%.

    These oak spindles are around 60x60x 200 mm long, these measurements are approximate and these spindles are not all planned up dead square.

    These oak spindles have been dry stored for approximately 20 years making them very stable.


    Our prime grade spindles blanks are planned on all four sides, to ensure that they are all of the best quality and ready to be used straight away.

    This will make it easier for you to grain match your turning projects or pick the perfect piece of oak for your intended project.

    We can also supply other dimensions and quantities if needed.

    60x60x200 mm Oak Wood Turning Blank

    SKU: Oak/spindle/60x200

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