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  • Our Wooden Bud Vases are the perfect minimalist touch to any floral arrangement.

    This one is shaped like a bulb and comes in 2 different sizes. 


    Each of our single bud vases is handmade using sustainable hardwood and is finished with a friction polish to seal the timber and enhance the beauty of the wood.

    These wooden bud vases are designed to hold a single stem or a small cluster of thin stem flowers, allowing you to create a simple yet stunning display. The natural wood finish adds a touch of rustic charm to any decor.

    For a stunning display, place a few vases together to create a beautiful display of your favorite flowers, without the need to buy big bunches of flowers.

    Each vase comes supplied with a small plastic test tube that can hold water for fresh cut flowers, or you can remove the test tube to display dried flowers. Please ensure to always use the plastic test tube when using fresh cut flowers, and do not leave any wooden vase to soak in water when cleaning.
    The plastic test tube is around 75mm long x 18mm wide and comes with a plastic lid. Spare tubes can also be purchased if required.


    The aproximate sizes of these single bud vase is as follows.

    • Small bulb- bud vase 100mm tall x 60mm wide
    • Medium bulb- bud vase 140mm tall x 60mm wide


    These vases may have knots small cracks or turning marks on the vase, this will just add to its induvidual charachter. 

    Flowers not included.

    Bulb Shaped Wooden Bud Vases

    PriceFrom £12.79