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Cut And Delivered To Your Door

Waney Edge Timbers cut to the size that you need

At Waney Edge Timbers we are passionate about wood. If you have a project in mind and you are looking to use a piece of waney edge timber then why not talk to us?

We can best advise you on what species, type and grade of timber to use.
Once you have decided what type of waney edge timber you would like to use we can then work out a price to supply the timber direct to your door.


Easy as 123...

Step 1.

Send me an email with details about your project.

Step 2.

Please let us know what type of waney edge timber you would like, include the dimensions (length, width and thickness).

Step 3.

We will need to know whether you intend to use this timber inside or outside. Please also specify if it will be going into a hot room like a conservatory or a summer house.

Just click on the link below to go straight to our  Timber Enquiries Page.

It's that simple!

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We don't only sell Waney Edge Timbers!

At Waney Edge Timbers we don’t only sell beautiful timbers, we also love to make items of bespoke waney edge furniture using our own timbers.


Please have a look through our Blog to find out about our latest projects.

A selection of our waney edge timber items for sale, including wooden chopping boards, can be found in our Shop Section

 Other items will soon be added to our shop for sale.

waney edge coffee table
Live edge table made from a waney edge oak slab.jpg

Here is a short video of the making of this oak slab table.

We have made lots of waney edge tables, desks and work stations over the last few months. If you are working from home and need a bigger or better desk or table then have a look through our Waney Edge Table page.

We can supply Waney edge tables and desks to the size that you need. Although if you are looking for a wide table this will probably be made from two slabs to keep the costs down and also to keep the great oak trees where they belong, in the forest.

But what we also love is the history that also comes with these ancient hardwood slabs.
Do you ever stop to imagine what this giant majestic piece of hardwood timber has lived through and what it has witnessed?

All the people that have picnicked underneath its lofty branches sitting in its dappled shade.
Or the countless children that have tried to conquer its lofty heights to try and free entangled kites.

Then there are the love hearts and initials carved deeply into the torso of the body of the tree, a strange way to show your love if you ask me.  
But it is this and more, the pippy grain, burrs, knots and shakes that make the character of a tree.    

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