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Bespoke Furniture Made From Our Waney Edge timbers

This is a Waney Edge Wild cherry coffee table that we just recently finished for a customer.

Waney Edge Wild Cherry Coffee Table Made To Order

This is just one of the one off bespoke pices of furniture that we made in the last few months.

Are you looking for some bespoke furniture made from the best waney edge timbers to add a little something special to a room?
Send us the dimensions of what you need and some pictures of how you want it to look and we will get back to you with a price.

Waney Edge Wild Cherry Coffee Table

This is a bespoke waney edge wild cherry coffee table that we a couple of months ago. The top was waney edge wild cherry and the crack and inclusions were filled with blue resin and reinforced with oak, walnut and maple bow ties, the legs and curved braces were made from laminated mahogany hard maple and oak.

The table leg tenons were fitted with ebony fox wedges.


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