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Air Dried Waney Edge Oak Slabs For Sale

Character grade Oak Air dried and seasoned for 6 years

Waney Edge Air Dried Oak Slaps

These waney edge oak slabs are perfect for making river tables, coffee tables, Waney edge bar tops, or even some waney edge furniture.

Seasoned Well Air Dried Oak


Waney Edged Timbers

We have just sanded and treated one of my big oak slabs ready for sale . This waney edge oak slab is not dead flat and have only been sanded to show off the stunning timber grain. This waney edge oak slab will still need a final sand and a final finish coat applied. This oak slab measure; No 2. 4200 mm long x 680 minimum x 54 mm

This are waney edge oak slab is air dried seasoned oak, these have been stored in a dry barn for at least 6 years and are now at around 16% moisture content. This oak slabs would be perfect for an epoxy river table, dinning table, worktops or even a bar top. The choice is yours. What would you do if you had a slab of oak like this ? Why not tell us in the comments. If you would like a waney edge oak slab like this or a waney edge slab of another size please message me with what size you would need and where you live for a quote. We can arrange for delivery to your door for most of the UK mainland . Don’t forget to sign up for more of our timber posts, updates and special offers !


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