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Bespoke furniture made from our Waney Edge timbers

This is a Bench that we recently made from reclaimed teak and oak Timbers.

This bench was made using some Teak and oak that we was given from a salvaged shipwreck. We added some of out timbers,resin and a little magic to create this bench.

Are you looking for some bespoke furniture made from the best waney edge timbers to add a little something special to a room?

Send us the dimensions of what you need and some pictures of how you want it to look and we will get back to you with a price.

Reclaimed timber bench

When working with Waney Edged Timbers or reclaimed timbers you never quite know how your project will look or turn out at the beginning.

You have an idea but its not until you start to clean up the timber, sand and shape it that's when you can really get a clear idea of how your project is going to look at the end.

The top made from a large lump of teak which had some large and small holes on the top. these were filled with blue resin to look like little rock pools and the cracks were reinforced with walnut and maple bow ties.

The large oak leg was reinforced with walnut bow ties, the other smaller oak legs and brace was mage from locally sawn oak. All of the legs were fixed to the Teak using through tenons fitted with ebony fox wedges.


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