Waney Edge Table Tops

Here is a small sample of our waney edge oak table tops that we have recently made for our customers. We can make these solid oak slab table tops to the size and specification that you desire.

We can plane, flatten, shape and sand these solid oak slab table tops up to 220 grit ready for you to finish off with your preferred finish and add your own touch by choosing and adding your own legs.

We can also supply you with some kiln dried oak slabs that are already flattened of and sanded ready for you to add the resin.


These are kiln dried oak slabs that have been ripped in half flattened and sanded ready to be glued back together and given a final sand and finish.

These river table kits are perfect for someone with limited time or tools that would live to have a go at producing there own river table. 

Waney edge oak table .jpg

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Waney edge oak coffee table .jpeg
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