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Racing Stripes Hardwood chopping boards

This is our range of long grain chopping boards with racing stripes.

This is our Race car inspired chopping board range these retail for £74.89 each.

Racing stripes Hardwood choppingboards

we can make these to any size that you require just send us an email for a quote.

This racing stripe hardwood chopping boards are made from prime grade Sapele, Maple and Oak. These chopping boards have been sealed with natural food safe mineral oil and then given a coat of my home made bees wax which has a lovely smell of pine and is all food safe just made with 3 simple ingredients.

These are easy to clean just use a damp cloth wipe and then clean with a towel.

All these boards are made to order and can be made to order to different sizes if required.


length of this boards is 485 mm long and 292 wide and 20mm thick.  ( sizes may vary )

This board has a slight smell of pine which is from the food save wax that I use. This will wear of in time.

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