Air-dried English Ash slab. #3

This was cut from a 4 year old seasoned log and has a moisture content of

around 14% 


This slab is 2500mm long and an average of 500 mm wide and 45 mm thick. 

This has a slight bow over its length if about 5mm

this Ash slab will weigh about 39KG.

These measurements are all in mm and are all approximate. 


This is a very nice straight grained slab with just a few tiny shakes on one edge( these are drying cracks normal on air-dried timber) and a big long crack down the centre of the board running 1.6 m long.


This crack would be perfect for adding bow ties and can easily be turned into a river table or a stunning bar top in a man cave.


I can also fit the bow ties is required these are prices as listed below this price includes supplying and fitting and is for each bow tie.

These are all hand cut so each one is different

Oak and ask £12

Walnut, maple or Sapele. £15

Ebony £20


Please study all photos as they are also part